Dr M. Teng


Queensland Berghofer Medical Research Institute, QLD

Michele Teng undertook her PhD in 2002 with Dr. Phillip Darcy at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) working on improving adoptive cellular immunotherapies for cancer. Since completing her PhD in 2006, she joined Professor Mark Smyth's laboratory in the Cancer Immunology Program at the Peter Mac where as a senior research officer she headed a small team investigating how tumor-induced immune suppression impedes theĀ  effective treatment of established cancer. Specifically she is interested in examining the role of T regulatory cells, T cell anergy, and the cytokine IL-23 in the local microenvironment using experimental and de novo models of cancer. Achieving a better understanding of these immunosuppressive pathways, their relativity to one another and the diversity of effector pathways they control, will enable the rational improvement of treatments for patients with established cancer. In March, 2013, Michele was recruited a Team Leader to QIMR Berghofer (Cancer Immunoregulation and Immunotherapy). Michele is also currently a NH&MRC Career Development Fellow.