Dr C. Engwerda

Christian Engwerda

Queensland Institute of Medical Research, QLD

Prior to establishing the Immunology and Infection Laboratory at QIMR, Chris spent 11 years working in the USA and UK. He is a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and has made significant contributions to the fields of immunology and parasitology, having defined key immune-regulatory pathways during protozoan infections and identified new strategies to prevent disease caused by intracellular pathogens. He is also involved in commercial research with biotechnology industry partners, and several discoveries made in his laboratory are now in commercial development.

His current research interests include understanding the roles that T cells play in coordinating immune responses against pathogens, as well as the immune mechanisms mediating the suppression of CD4+ T cell responses in malaria and leishmania. His group has identified several important immune regulators that influence whether effective parasite-specific CD4+ T cells responses will develop in experimental models of parasite infection and have begun clinical studies to establish whether these molecules have therapeutic and/or vaccine applications.